Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Seraphine De Senlis

I first found out about Seraphine Louis aka "Seraphine De Senlis" through my boyfriend's mom. While Matt was at a bachelor party his mom and I wrote down every movie we wanted to see and "Seraphine" was at the top of the list. I had never heard of this painter but Matt's mom just knew I'd love her. She was SOOO right. We scoured Hastings for this movie and just had no luck, but a few months later I finally saw it. It was such an inspiring story and I highly recommend renting it. Basically, she taught herself how to paint by making her own secret concoctions that are still unknown to this day. She was a housecleaner by day and at night would paint under candlelight. I just love her story and her art. Do yourself a favor and look her work up. In the meantime, I posted a few of her pieces below...enjoy!
Here she is in all her Glory...


  1. love seeing this and that you could see the film. that was a special night, Brittany!

  2. hi birdie- this is such a great post about an artist who is still not known by many to this day! I love her work-very special :)
    cheers from berlin wes