Sunday, October 3, 2010

LOVING: Black Walls

I love the way these colors just POP in the above pictures, especially the orange towels. I really want to paint my bathroom black- it takes a lot of courage but these rooms are encouraging me to just go for it.

This first room I mainly am in love with the giant pictures that scream tales of knighthood and Kings and Queens and armor...ahhh I just love it. And the second room- I mean, who doesn't want to wake up in a room that looks that classy? It's dark and cozy but I don't feel that it's too dark. Something wants to make me believe that there is a wall of nothing but windows in there...

Aside from my love for matte black walls, I found these high gloss painted walls very inspiring as well. The crisp white chairs against the black glossiness just feels so elegant. I also loved the black and white shiny floor in the other picture and how all the colors play so well with each other....Can I please own a house?

As I said before, it takes a lot of courage to just paint your walls black but in these rooms I found a very thoughtful compromise. This kitchen with the black and white wallpaper gives you the same feel that a plain black wall would but also adds texture, not to mention the objects that don't necessarily belong in a kitchen make it such a wonderful adventure for my eyes. The other room with the horizontal lines paired with a round mirror just makes me so happy.

With these last two rooms I just wanted to point out A) That AMAZING black bathtub. B) The wooden chair next to it. C) The fringe that is encompassing that room. D) Last but not least, the yellow chandelier. I need all of those objects and will happily add them to my wish list.

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