Friday, October 15, 2010

NoMa: book I need to buy

Lately I've been listening to a lot of NPR and surprisingly I have found myself interested in at least half of the programs that run everyday of the week. Yesterday I sat in my Chiropractor's parking lot refusing to get out of my car for my appointment because of a story that had totally grabbed me just before pulling into the clinic. The interview was with chef, Rene Redzepi who I have since learned is a Danish chef that will only use food in his recipes that are native to the Nordic region. His restaurant, NoMa, located in Copenhagen Denmark made the "World's Best" list this year and remains booked up to three months in advance. Aside from the restaurant, he has been touring the country (US) promoting his new book titled, none other than, "NOMA". This book is full of inspiring photographs and recipes, however due to the hard-to-find ingredients such as: sea buckthorn, rowan shoots, and reindeer (just to name a few) and the extremities of the directions, "Noma" will most likely be found on people's coffee tables rather than their kitchen counters. This is not a negative thing, in fact, Chef Rene encourages readers to draw all kinds of inspiration out of it, be it visual or instructive.

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  1. read about NoMa in a belgian magazine! LOVE birdie, feast for the eyes, b!