Monday, November 8, 2010

Succulents, Air plants, and Herbs

Well, well, well....looks like I'm not the only one loving succulents this week! Just found this DIY Terrarium posted on The Brick House blog. Lovin' it!
I was googling air plants and came across this awesome picture. It is a piece of art filled with succulents, air plants and other things...the artist is, Tetsunori Kawana.

Just pretty, pretty pictures...


Cement succulent planters... (LOVE IT!)

Probably gotta buy these guys... but there are lots of D.I.Y air plant chandeliers out there in google land.... I'm obsessed with them.

Well how about this cute idea? Succulents are cute in almost anything.


  1. Thought you might enjoy these :)

  2. thanks for sharing Megan! I love it!